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Leon Towers

You have found my brand new website….

This brand new website not only to promote my television portfolio but to help people get in contact with me if you need the help from me with your pet please email me directly…

Leon, nicknamed by the media as “The Harry Potter of the dog world” is the older half of the double act, The K9 Brothers and originally from the fishing town Maryport in Cumbria. Once a full time foster parent to over 12 children, it was after the last child left home and left him with empty nest syndrome that he saw a documentary on hydrotherapy and turned his caring and nurturing side to animals.

Leon is a qualified Dog behaviourist, Nutritionist and Hydrotherapist, and In the last 7 years has changed the behaviour and fitness of over 2500 dogs and improved the lives of their owners using only positive reinforcement. Leon says the success of his treatment is down to whether the owners will listen to him as it’s more about training the owners than it is training the animal. One thing is for sure, your one to one private home visit will be tailored to YOU and your beloved dog. Straight away you will feel at ease with Leon’s talent to make sure every person feels that they are being treat as a family member and NOT just a client. Dogs don’t have voices, HE IS THEIR VOICE.


If interested in a private one to one tailor made home visit then see below for my contact details

Contact Leon:


TEL: 07805833551

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